Welcome to one of the most important updates in internet marketing for network marketers since email! Seriously NOTHING makes it easier to get leads and build your business that messenger marketing done right!

I use messenger marketing in all my businesses and those of my clients and in my network marketing business this strategy is smashing it for me and my team. 

I don’t know about you but as a network marketer myself, I wanted to build my team fast and that mean getting interest in my business from QUALIFIED prospects so that I could carry on with my life including three kids and a marketing company.

I also wanted a ton of automation but something that was simple too, something that worked out of the gate like gangbusters.

Now I have been working with messenger marketing for two years with other online businesses and it occurred to me that I was not using the one tool that was working for my clients, automated messaging and Facebook.

I have a found a simple strategy that works for me and my clients and I wanted to share it

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7 Reasons to Use Messenger Marketing for Network Marketers

1:  Saving time and energy! 

We are all busy and building that network marketing business takes time, the one thing we are generally short of.  Now over 1.3 BILLION people use messenger making it an incredible opportunity for you and your business.

2: Duplication is easy. 

In my team anyone that wants one gets a messenger bot with their business and links in it to share everywhere.  We all know that any process needs to be able to be duplicated, messenger bots are!  Awesome.

In my team we clone the bot I created, change the links to the new team make and off they go!

3: They are engaging. 

In my business we used to send a video to a prospect and follow up but now we get to send a video, testimonials, links to the products, photos of the team.  Why because you want people to have the right information before joining your team so they stay the course and make great team mates.

4: You get to sell products and build your team.

In my team we focus on building the business and selling products and using a messenger bot makes that so simple.  I have links to my products in one bot, deliver videos and books about my business in another, all automated, very very cool.

5: Build and manage your list easier.

To build your business you need to connect with people and of course most will say no at the start but you never know if they may be interested in the future.  This is why building a list is essential so you can incite them to your group or Facebook page to build rapport and build that relationship that may turn into an amazing team member.

6: Getting the RIGHT prospects is easier and faster. 

One of the main benefits of using bots is that you can ask questions and direct people where YOU need them to go.  In my bot I tell people about the business and then ask if they want more information.  I ask them again later on if they want to a chat and so only people ready to talk come through to me and I get the right people already vetted, before I spend any time with them. 

7: It’s online and you can share anywhere!

The strategy I use is to create a link to get into my messenger bot, so I can share it from any post, email, literally everywhere.  If I am doing a Facebook live I post my link to the bot too which works really well.  There are others I use bots with Facebook ads but the link is the easiest and easily duplicated in my team.

8: BONUS:  Build your Facebook group. 

With the changes in Facebook we know that groups are a great way to build your business, Facebook is highly focused on groups so from your messenger bot lead people to your group where you can connect with them and bring them into your business.

To find out more about how I use these click through into my messenger bot I use for my network marketing business and you can message me with any questions.

Click Here>>>Want to see the system I use?  You can see my Network marketing messenger bot here. 

David. x