I just got off a call with another potential client and this question came up so I thought it would be good to explore.

The bottom line is messenger marketing for local business works for two main reasons, firstly we are all on our phone and messaging is by far the most popular form of communication and secondly, messenger marketing allows your prospects to have more meaningful conversations with you and so trust is built faster and sales come easier.

The more and better conversations you have with your audience the bigger your ban balance and customer service.

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So putting aside the technical side of how this works let’s explore the WHY so you can take advantage of this marketing channel.   Image result for messenger marketing

Here are 5 key reasons messenger marketing for local business works so well.

1: People do business with people. Messenger, even if you automate it, allows the prospect to communicate with another person.

The old adage goes, we buy from people we know, like and trust and messenger allows you the business owner and the prospect to connect person to person even if you never actually meet.

2: Let’s go back to the phone. We all have phones, in fact, the phone is one of our most personal possessions. We never leave home without it and remember the panic we all feel when we lose it. So putting your message on the phone takes it away from the computer and right into the very personal space that is our phone.

Messaging is PERSONAL, even if it is about business.

3: Open rates are massive. I remember when email was amazing, you would send an email to a prospect and they would always open it or you would send marketing emails out and again, get a response and yet now no-one wants another email ever unless it tells them they have won the lottery. Email open rates are 15- 20% and messenger are 85+.

Email is also not on the phone for most. They have to go to a computer, login and scroll through scores of spam. Email is not fun or easy or enjoyable.

But with messenger it comes right onto the phone, you can add images, video, talk to them, they can talk back to you and 90% of people open message compared to 14% for email. So in terms of lead generation, you can get 4x LESS leads and still make more money!

4: Lead Generally Cost Less and are Better Quality: Because of Facebook’s lean toward messaging the costs tend to be lower, not always but often and because we can pre-qualify lead better by asking them questions in messenger.

You waste less time chasing people who were never going to pay you and only focus on those that will!

5: Automation! This is a big one. We all know that there is not enough of you to go around, you cannot be everywhere at once but you must have conversations with people and as many as possible!

So automation is the key and with messenger, you can have multiple (unlimited) conversations with people at the same time.

6: People WANT to message. A recent survey showed that people are 53% more likely to do business when they can message the company? Why? Because the communication is on their time, they get to talk to a human without being sold to and they can ask the questions they want when they want.

I am sure we can all relate to that?

So think of messenger for local business as a personal mass marketing communication tool and you cannot go too far wrong.

The fact is this works and I suggest that any small business who wants to increase their business by 4x should jump on this like a bear to honey.

NOTE:  If you want more information about lead generation and messenger marketing click here

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