Are you using Facebook Messenger marketing in your marketing program or thinking about it? Looking for tips to improve your Facebook Messenger marketing experiences?

In this article, we take 5 leading Facebook Messenger marketing tips for improving your Messenger performance for the newbie or seasoned marketing pro.

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#1 To Improving Your Facebook Messenger Marketing.

Get started! 

So many business owners are behind the curve with Facebook and Facebook Messenger marketing and are losing business they could have.

Messenger is one of the most popular phone apps, it is free and billions of people use it so it is likely that your prospects do too.

The key to success in Messenger is that it allows people to have conversations in ways that no other channel does, people love to ask questions, they love to be on their phone and they love it when a business responds.

In fact, 53% of people said they were more likely to spend money with a business they could message!

So jump in and explore, your bank balance will thankyou.

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#2 To Improving Your Facebook Messenger Marketing.

Increase Facebook Messenger Bot Subscribers


One of the reasons Facebook Messenger Marketing works so well is the open rates on the messages.

Why is this so important?  Well, when you send out your marketing message you want people to see it right? and then to take action?  Image result for many chat open rates

With any email marketing or any other form of outbound marketing, the rates of people seeing your message are pretty low, email is about 15%.

But because Facebook Messenger marketing is so conversational the open rates are 90%.

Think about that.

90% of those that subscribe to your messenger list actually see your message, 4x that of email and the truth is, the more people see your message, the more give you money.



#3 To Improving Your Facebook Messenger Marketing.

Creating Messenger Ads


Facebook allows you to create Facebook Messenger marketing adverts that automatically add people into Messenger building your list and allowing you to connect with prospects. facebook-messenger-marketing-messenger

There are a number of options for business owners to use on Facebook but I would encourage you to use the Messenger marketing option.

One of the key ideas to understand is that 90% of people open the messages you send you don’t need so many leads to make it profitable.

You can see the article from Facebook here:

See how to create Messenger ads right here:


#4 To Improving Your Facebook Messenger Marketing.


Use a Messenger Chat Widget on Your Website


the chat widget is a button on your website that allows visitors to message you.

You’ve probably seen these before.

Facebook messenger chatbot widget

Clicking the “Continue as [name]” button starts a chatbot messenger sequence.

Once that simple click or tap takes place, you’ve scored a valuable lead.

Have you heard the stats about live chat? According to some reports, using live chat on your website can increase your leads by 40%.

That sounds great.

Until you realize the downsides:

  • Live chat requires live people. Live people are expensive.
  • Live chat may not be available 24/7. Customers want 24/7 service.
  • Live chat often is a temporary touch, not a permanent lead.
  • Live chat is slow. It could take 5-15 minutes to get a response, and even longer to get your questions answered.

Messenger chat widgets destroy all of these downsides.

  • Messenger chat widgets run on bots—totally automated and virtually free.
  • Messenger chatbots are available 24/7.
  • Messenger chat widgets add the person as a contact in Messenger, which is a permanent lead.
  • Messenger chatbots respond instantly.

So go ahead and add a live chat to your site and increase your leads from your website as part of an integrated Facebook Messenger Marketing strategy.


#5 To Improving Your Facebook Messenger Marketing.

Use a Send to Messenger Button

The key to success is to get people into your Messenger list, remember 90% of people will open your message so the more people, the more business.

On Facebook when you post try using a Messenger button to get more subscribers.

Watch the video below to see how you can do this.


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