The Top 7 Reasons to Get Facebook Messenger Marketing Bots for Business

Have you heard the hype about Messenger marketing bots for business on the internet?  You are not alone and the truth is there is a reason for the’s REAL!

Having been in the online marketing world for 20 years and specialising in lead generation I can tell you that Messenger bots offer your business that chance to increase leads, conversions and sales.

Facebook Messenger Marketing Bots For Business in 2019 Onward

1:  Reach your audience directly on their phone.

We live on our phones and so do your prospects and customers so why not use a tool that gets right onto one of their most personal possessions.

Nearly 60% of searches and internet interactions are on the phone so that is the place to be.

2: Create leads for your business on automation.

For any business, leads are the lifeblood that keeps you in business.  Facebook now offers Messenger ads that allow you to connect with prospects through direct advertising.  Once they are in your Messenger list the open rates can be 90% and click-through rates 50% outperforming email every time.

3: Build Relationships

Good business is about creating and managing relationships and lucky for us Messenger bots are amazing at being very personal and yet delivering to a mass audience. It used to be said that the money is in the list but in today’s world the money is in the relationship you have with people and Messenger marketing bots for business allow you create personal relationships with an unlimited number of people.

4: Double your sales!

If nothing else convinces you that you must get started with Messenger marketing as soon as possible it is that 53% of people are more likely to buy from a business they can message!  Imagine a world where you get 53% more business simply by changing the way you communicate online.

5: Share your content

In today’s world with so much competition sharing your content online is the best way to build rapport and trust with those searching for your service and using Messenger marketing in your business is easy and delivers you and your service via text, video or audio right to your prospects. Added to the fact that 90% will actually consume your content you cannot lose!

6: Save time on customer service

Time is something we all have a limited supply of, customers want answers to their questions faster and on their terms, we as business owners want to get them what they need to buy from us without spending time answering questions over and over again.  Enter chatbots that you can program to answer the questions your customers have whilst spending your time making sales, managing your business or on a beach.

7: Reconnect with your customers

‘The money is in the followup’ is a business truth we all know and yet as business owners we tend to be rather useless at following up enough on leads to make the sale.  Adding to the idea that most business owners do not like selling means that Messenger chat bots make the perfect sales companion.

Used properly they will follow up on leads, build rapport and trust allowing you to make selling so much easier…what more do you want?Getting Started with Messenger Marketing Bots for Business?

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